Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Bragg’s Body Shop file my insurance claim?
A: Bragg’s Body Shop will be your Vehicle Accident Advocate, but we cannot file your initial insurance claim.

Q: I can’t get to Bragg’s during your hours. How can I drop my car?
A: Bragg’s Body Shop features an “Early Bird/Night Owl” after hours drop box.  Just park your vehicle at our shop, lock it, fill out the form on one of the envelopes located in the “Early Bird/Night Owl” box, put your key in the envelope, and then drop the envelope through the slot in our door.  We will retrieve your key and call you about your vehicle on the next business day.

Q: You are not my insurance company’s recommended shop; do I have to use their shop or can you become a recommended shop with my insurance company?
A: No, you do not have to use the insurance company’s recommended shop.  You have the legal right to use the shop of your choice.  If the insurance company tells you they will not “stand behind” or warranty the repairs unless you use their recommended shop, it doesn’t matter, as Bragg’s Body Shop offers our own lifetime warranty.

Q: Your estimate seems a little high to me, can I get a couple of estimates?
A: The insurance company will have an adjuster look at your vehicle and estimate the cost to repair the damage.  The adjuster will only take into account the damage that can be seen and will tell you there may be more damage they cannot see at this time.  Bragg’s Body Shop will also give you a time estimate that will help arrange alternate transportation while your vehicle is at our facility.

Q: What happens if the insurance adjuster’s estimate is lower than your estimate?
A: Many times the adjuster is only taking into account damage they can see.  Once we get the car to our shop, there is sometimes more damage that the adjuster could not see.  They do not have the ability to disassemble the vehicle and the adjuster’s estimate may be lower than ours.  We will contact your insurance company at that point to ensure timely repair of your vehicle.

Q: What determines whether a car it totaled?
A: If the cost to repair the car is higher than the value of the car, it is considered totaled.  A car is not necessarily totaled if there is frame or unibody damage anymore.  Bragg’s Body Shop does not determine whether the vehicle is totaled or not, the insurance company makes this decision.

Q: My car has special color paint, how do you match this?
A: A color can vary depending on the substrate on which it is painted.  Oftentimes there are color variations in bumper covers and other trim such as door handles and mirrors because they are plastic vs. metal.  Bragg’s Body Shop uses the SIKKENS paint products exclusively for quality.  We will computer match the color of your vehicle.

Q: What is a deductible?
A: The deductible on your policy is the amount you will pay for each accident and is determined by your policy, not Bragg’s Body Shop.  This will be paid to Bragg’s Body Shop after you have inspected your vehicle after repairs and are ready to take it home.

Q: Does Bragg’s Body Shop have a shuttle to take me home?
A: Bragg’s Body Shop does have a shuttle to take you home, back to work, or to a local car rental facility.  If a rental car is a covered part of your policy, we can help you estimate how long you will need a rental car.  We report the progress of your repairs to the rental car companies daily.

Q: Once my car is repaired, can I treat it like normal?
A: Yes, with certain restrictions:

30 days – Only wash the vehicle by hand with a gentle soap and soft cloth
90 days – Do not wax or polish your vehicle
After 90 days – Wash and wax your vehicle as you normally would.

Q: Will these repairs void my warranty?
A: No, these repairs will be warrantied by Bragg’s Body Shop and the remainder of your warranty will be intact.