Insurance Claims – Wayne Bragg, owner and operator of Bragg’s Body Shop, has over 40 years’ experience in the industry, including 11 years working in auto claims with a major insurance company, so he is intimately familiar with the rules, regulations and negotiation methods the insurance companies employ.  While we cannot file your claim, Bragg’s Body Shop will be your Vehicle Accident Advocate and will inform you of any conversation that takes place between us and the insurance company.

Computerized Estimating – We offer free estimates*  (see disclaimer) DUE TO HIGH VOLUME WE ARE CURRENTLY WRITING ALL ESTIMATES BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please CALL BEFORE YOU COME  !!!!!

*Free first estimates on model year 2002 and newer; model year 2001 and older carry a charge of $50.00 per estimate.  However, if your vehicle is repaired at Bragg’s Body Shop we will deduct $50.00 from your final bill if you are charged an estimate fee.

Frame and Unibody Repair – We use the “Chief Impulse E-VHT” frame machine with variable height technology and multiple pulling towers to repair your vehicle.  Gone is the day that a car is totaled because there is a slight bend in the frame or unibody of a vehicle.

Computerized Measuring System – We use the “Chief Vehicle Analysis Data Center” with laser measuring system to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly.  This also helps us order all of the parts necessary to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Baked-On Paint Finishes – Our facility features 2 downdraft bake booths.  We exclusively use SIKKENS paint products to give your vehicle a professional-looking finish, and our computer scan matches the paint to your vehicle.

Factory-Duplicated Spot Welding – The “Pro Spot” i4 resistance spot welding unit makes all welds on your vehicle as tough as if they were made in the factory.  Restoring your vehicle is our number one priority and we stand behind this work.

Suspension Alignments – After an accident, even if the outward damage is minimal, many times the vehicle needs to be aligned.  Bragg’s Body Shop can align your vehicle so that your tires wear properly and your vehicle does not pull in either direction.

Glass Repair/Replacement – We outsource the replacement and repair of glass to trusted Charlottesville companies. These companies come to our facility and perform the work onsite, and this work is also guaranteed under our warranty.

Towing – We can arrange to have your vehicle towed by another locally owned and trusted business.  We work with specific towing companies that are very good at what they do to guarantee that more damage is not done to your vehicle in the towing process.  If you have your vehicle towed to Bragg’s, just have them bill us and we will add it to your insurance claim or your final bill.

Shuttle Service – We provide a shuttle service to make it more convenient for you to get back to the office, home or a rental car facility.  This service is limited to the Charlottesville area.

Secure Storage – Our facility is completely secure:  we have 10 garage bays and our lot is completely fenced in with chain link and barbed wire.  Most vehicles are left in one of the garage bays overnight, and we have never had a vehicle stolen from our lot.

Foreign and Domestic – Bragg’s can repair any make or model. Whether it is foreign or domestic, we can restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.